3 members graduate Chester County Fire Academy
By Captain Billy Ronayne
May 17, 2023

On Wednesday May 3rd, Firefighters Tony Ioele, Andrew Becker, and Nathan Sanchez were promoted to the rank of 3rd Class Firefighter. These three gentlemen recently completed the Chester County Department of Emergency Services Spring Fire Fire 1 program. This program is the entry level training required by all firefighters to be qualified as interior firefighters. Each of these firefighters committed over 200 hours of their free time to this program continuing to work full time or completing classes at WCU. After completing the program, Tony, Andrew and Nathan tested for the National Firefighting 1 Certification and on Wednesday completed the last step and showcased their skills for the Officers and Senior FFs on the fire company during a simulated structural Burn Session at the West Chester Fire Department training center.

The Officers and members of the company want to thank you all for your dedication and commitment to your community taking this big first step in your volunteer careers.